by Vasco Vilhena (W)

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The debut album of Vasco Vilhena is called Lunaticity, the junction of the words Lunatic and City: matters which have troubled the musician's mind for the last year and reflected on this album.

Track description:
He talks about love (8), close friendship (7), tells a story of a mental character (1, 2 and 3), and keeps quiet in matters of Zoo-phobia (4), being vexed non-stop (5) and suffering an overdose of poison (6).
The 9th might be available if you buy the album (5€ or more) - another song about love. (check how it works in the download description)

O álbum de estreia de Vasco Vilhena é chamado Lunaticity, a junção das palavras Lunatic e City, assuntos que têm atribulado a mente do músico pelo último ano, no que reflectiu este álbum.

Descrição de Faixas:
Fala sobre amor (8), amizade chegada (7), conta uma história de uma personagem louca (1, 2 e 3) e mantém-se calado em assuntos de Zoo-fobia (4), sendo contrariado sem parar (5) e o sofrimento de uma overdose por veneno (6).
A 9a pode estar disponível caso compres o álbum (5€ ou mais) - é outra música sobre amor. (Verifica como funciona na secção "download description")


released 20 August 2012
Bass, Guitar, MIDI's, Piano and Voice (everything in the album you hear) played by Vasco Vilhena.

Recorded, Mixed and Produced by Vasco Vilhena.

Acoustic Guitars in "Daisy" and "A Heart's Journey" recorded by Miguel Nunes and Rodrigo Alexandre.

All Artwork produced by César Jardim.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Lostopia
I was born a loner
My piano was my lover
When I learnt I could learn anything by myself
I gave up on society

Suffering attacks of anxiety
Because I didn’t know any other human cell
And then I learnt to love myself

When under attack I learnt to cover
‘Cause every falling bomb’s not gonna forgive myself
And that’s how I lost my crown

I rose up from misery
Gravity was the only one who could put me down
But my legs were strong enough

I was strong enough
I was defeated by the tough
No, I was the toughest
No, I am the toughest
No, I am no one

You asked me if I was real
And there was something I could feel
They were words that mean no harm
It was something new and warm

For the first time I felt a heartbeat
I fell down to my feet
I think I wasn’t ready
But you didn’t waste any time
And you flew away

I’ve been followed by a ghost
I think I’ve been haunted
All this sweltering time
I don’t know where to run to

I just know I’m alive
I don’t know where I belong to
I’m trapped in Big Brother’s arms
Locked to love you
Track Name: Carols For The Lunatics
All of these voices
I pretend they don’t exist
I know I’ll look madcap
But sometimes it’s too hard

And they say horrible-
Things to me
And they sing terrible
Things for me

These Carols
These viral and looping words
These Carols
These Carols for Lunatics

Grab that knife
And cut a way out
Knot that string
All around your neck

This won’t take a second
Of your life
It will all end
Before you know

I don’t know if I should run away or let it go
I don’t know what’s the most lucid option, or do I?
Let’s just forget about this non-sense conversation

But wait, who am I talking to?
Just wait, who am I talking to, anyway?

I’m not sure if I’m awake
Or if I’m just dreaming
This could be the life I’m actually not living
So in case I act improperly,
Give me a discount

Because I wouldn’t know what to do
I wouldn’t really know what to do
So please save me from this asylum

Tell me you took me home,
I wouldn’t like to hear lies
Tell me it’s all over
And soon I will realize
This world wasn’t made for me
Someone wants me to drop dead
I’m trapped in Big Brother’s arms
Locked from liberty

So, tell me you took me home
I’m surrounded by Lunatics
And I’m sure I’m not one of them
Or at least I still think straight
Why would these walls close on me?
If the sun still shines
Why would the sky fall on my head?
If you still love me right
Track Name: Mothers In Horror
I won’t dare
To take my feet off my bed
It’s too dark out there
To feel safe again
I would rather piss myself
Than meet horror itself

I can hear mites scratching
Ground and evil planning
Will you get off my case?
It’s too late and I’m
Is it too late to run into the dark?

It’s getting a bit brighter here
I’m sensing some warmth around
I’m watching the moon go down
The Sun is coming now

Available to my sight
Coming up to light
All my hopes and dreams
Setting fire to chaotic themes

As any mother would do
Shielding offspring as a virtue
Keeping away poltergeists
When Horror meets Mites

But Sometimes
Mom turns her back
And the darkness gets back
On her only child
Leaving the poor woman in tears
Tears that you’ll never be able to see
Only to feel them burning on
Your skin

You will be rotting in hell
You will hear voices in your head
Just wishing to be deaf
Only wishing to be dead
Track Name: Daisy
My dear Daisy, in case you don’t see me
This day I wrote you this song
So you can listen to me

My dear Daisy, I want you to know
About the stupid things I do when I don’t see you
But I assure I’m healthy
I assure I’m dandy and fine

It’s been so long since I last saw you
Last time was too good
And now I don’t remember your face
And I forgot how beautiful you are

My dear Daisy I hope you don’t mind
I couldn’t pull a song as good as you
You know it isn’t easy so please
Reckon my effort of trying

My dear Daisy
I hope you don’t get tired of being called darling
It’s just that I miss you so
And I still haven’t found the way to calm me down

It’s so good to have you here
You wouldn’t believe how much I missed you
I don’t want you to go
I don’t want you to leave right now

Farewell My Dear Daisy
I hope to see you soon again
Track Name: A Heart's Journey
You were sitting on your own
I was walking around and I saw you
Playing with your hair
And I thought that I should dare
To steal a word from you

So I said “Hi, How are you?”
Your eyes were moving slowly
To me, inside me
And while I was regretting my kind words
You smiled at me and revealed

Your melodic and sweet, sweet voice
Your soothing and warm, warm eyes

Go, boy, it’s your chance
Grow a pair and fight for your dreams
You are going to go meet her
And you take her for a walk
You are gonna take a long breath

You are gonna expose yourself
You are gonna show her your feelings
She will try to make you come to your senses
But you shut her up and you kiss her

You were thinking about leaving
I really thought that there was something
But as soon as you spoke to me
I have realized your lies

Would I mind to live a lie?
It’s good and feeds my heart
It sucks but keeps me sane
Is it really gonna matter in the end of this lunaticity

Well, it’s up to me
And it’s up to you
My mysterious inner voice
Who sometimes guides me wrong
Who sometimes guides me right
But most of the times
It leaves me behind